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                        TEL: 0086-513-88213728 FAX: 0086-513-88283558
                        about us
                            Jiangsu changhong heavy machinery company ,(old name nantong xinfeng heavy machinery company)lies in haian county nantong city jiangsu province,we are specialized in making rolling machine,large upper roller universal rolling machine,middle size upper roller universal rolling machine, small size upper roller universal rolling machine,ship rolling machine,upper roller universal plate rolling machine for trailer,W11 seriers mechnical symmetrical rolling machine,W11 series unsymmetrical rolling machine,W11 series hydraulic rolling machine,QC12Y hydraulic swing beam shearing machine, QC12K CNC hydraulic swing beam shearing mchine,QC11Y hydraulic guillotine shearing machine,QC11K CNC hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, Q11 mechnical shearing machine, press brake, cnc press brake,billet cutting machine,cut to length line.our machine has compact construction, high precision, easy operation,stable working condition,safe and reliable. It is widely used in in electricity industry, metallurgy,coal,plane,car,ship,container,meter,packing and stainless industry.

                            Our company have strong technical force and advanced processing equipment, all machines made based china standards. It devotes itself to scientific research so as to hold first rank in same industry, hydraulic press brake & hydraulic swing beam shear are designed and manufactured in conformity with Germany design, upper roller universal rolling machine adopt Japanese,machine performance achieve international advance level, and exported East Asia, Europe, Middle East,got praise from chinese and foreign users for a long time.

                            Products saldes and after-sales service is saaring no effort, we have opened office in Beijing,Tianjing,Shenyang,
                        Shandong,Zhejiang,Guangzhou,Shanghai,Hangzhou,chengdou,Xian,changsha,Xuzhou,Changzhou,Suzhou to make every clients satisfied.

                            We will adhere to the “quality first, user first” the spirit of “enterprising pioneering ”spirit of enterprise and domestic and international friends sincere cooperation ,create brilliant.

                        TEL: 0086-513-88213728
                        FAX: 0086-513-88283558
                        Mobile: 0086-15162802888
                        Address:Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China Renmin Road, Fort Lee Hoi County Industrial Zone